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Antonio Stradivari 1723 ca. VL Kiesewetter

This instrument is named after the German violinist Christoph Gottfried Kiesewetter (1777–1827), whose life was summed up by Ernest N. Doring as follows: ‘After a brilliant career as violinist and composer, he went to London at first meeting with a great success but intrigues of mediocre musicians finally brought him to a miserable state and he died in poverty.’ A more profound overview of the life of this ill-fated musician, as well as a description of his time, is provided in Cyril Ehrlich’s book ‘First Philharmonic: A History of The Royal Philharmonic Society’.

Weitere Informationen

Ausführliche Informationen zu diesem Instrument finden Sie in unserer Enzyklopädie Antonio Stradivari Set 1, Band 4, Seite 28