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Antonio Stradivari 1727 ca. VL Laub, Petschnikoff

This instrument was crafted around 1727–1730, and although it bears a label, it is undecipherable and it appears not to be original. The violin is named for two of its former owners, the Czech violinist and composer Ferdinand Laub (1832–1875), who taught at the Conservatories ‘Stern’ in Berlin and in Moscow and counted among his admirers and friends the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840–1893) and the Russian violinist Alexander Petschnikoff (sometimes spelled Petschnikov) (1873–1948), who played this instrument for several years while touring the US. He also performed duets with his wife Lili Schober, a former pupil of the renowned Hungarian virtuoso Joseph Joachim (1831–1907).

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