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Antonio Stradivari 1711 VC Mara

This cello bears an original label dated 1711 and it is named after one of its former owners, the cellist Giovanni (also referred to as Jean or Joseph) Mara, husband of the renowned German singer Gertrude Elisabeth Schmöhling. William Sandys and Simon Andrew Forster colourfully describe Mr. Mara’s repeated alcohol-fuelled misconduct, and even the Hill Brothers couldn’t resist noting the effects of Mara’s abuse, particularly where it concerned the precious cello called after him: ‘unfortunately his violoncello seems to have suffered somewhat from his [Mr. G. Mara’s] viciousness. Traces of alcoholic liquor having been upset and allowed to drip from the top to the bottom sides, removing the beautiful varnish on its downwards course, are still discernible.’

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Ausführliche Informationen zu diesem Instrument finden Sie in unserer Enzyklopädie Antonio Stradivari Set 1, Band 3, Seite 72