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Antonio Stradivari 1722 ca. VL Joachim, Elman, Bloomfield

The renowned Hungarian violinist Joseph Joachim (1831–1907), considered to be one of the greatest classical music interpreters of all time, owned several fine Italian instruments during his lifetime, including no fewer than ten Stradivaris. This violin dates to around 1722 and was said to be ‘one of his favourites’. The reasons for this can possibly be found in the Hills’ description of the peculiarities associated with this type of violin: ‘During 1720–22 Stradivari, still indefatigable, was most actively occupied in making yet another type of violin, one differing in tone from anything he had yet produced—a type, although of medium dimensions, presenting, owing to the square appearance of the outline and sound-holes, flatness of the arching, etc., an unusually sturdy and robust appearance, though somewhat inelegant. Special features of the tone are a vigorous and incisive power, less flexible and less easy of production, and a quality slightly metallic, suggestive of that of a fine Joseph Guarnerius del Gesù or of a Carlo Bergonzi, which undoubtedly this type of violin foreshadows.’

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Antonio Stradivari Set 1, Volume 4, Page 12