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Antonio Stradivari 1727 VL Holroyd

By 1727 the master was an octogenarian and, although his powers were slowly but inevitably diminishing, his sharp intellect and perseverance remained unaltered. The distinguished London-based Hills vividly depicted Stradivari’s spirit around this time: ‘We will now return to the year 1725, and proceed to 1730, years in which we see Stradivari placidly plodding on: now producing specimens of an unquestionably high order, before which we stand amazed at the dexterity of the man; now failing to rise to his accustomed level, and so awakening us to a sense of his advanced age. His productions are less numerous; the craftsmanship throughout less sure, at times wanting in truth and squareness, the outline of back and belly disagreeing. Yet how admirable are they in comparison with the works of many of his younger contemporaries! What a struggle is going on!’

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Antonio Stradivari Set 1, Volume 4, Page 136