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Dong Pil Im

Dong Pil Im


Giuseppe Filius Im, his korean name is Dong Pil Im, was born in 1979 in South Korea.

In 2002 he made his way to the International Violin Making School to Cremona.

In 2007 he diploma at Cremona Violin Maker School under the guidance Lorenzo Marchi and in 2008 apprenticeship under Silvio Levaggi.

Since 2010 G. F. Im opened his workshop in Via Ettore Sacchi 12 in Cremona.

He awards he won internationally or nationally, are considerable:

In 2008 Italy National Instrument Making Competition Pisogne he won Bronze Medal in Young Liutai Cello Section. In 2010 Germany International Violin Making Competition in Mittenwald he ranked 6th place in Cello Section. In 2010 Italy National Instrument Making Competition Pisogne he won Gold Medal in Professional Liutai Cello Section. In 2011 France Concours Internationaux de Lutherie Etienne Vatelot Paris he ranked 6th Place in Cello Section. In 2012 Italy International ‘Triennale’ Competition of Violin Making Antonio Stradivari Cremona he won 'Honorable Mention' in Cello Section.


Dong Pil ImDong Pil ImDong Pil Im