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Michael Szyper

Michael Szyper


Born in 1986, he began making stringed instruments in 2011, at first as a self-taught maker. He gained further experience under the supervision of Jan Bobak in Nowy Targ. After that he learned the acoustical tuning of the inner and outer archings from Peter Westerlund at the violin making school in Bilbao/Spain. Since then he exclusively uses this method for plate tuning, resulting in a warm, rich sound and an immediate response. Furthermore he studied instrument varnishes of the renaissance. All of his instrument varnishes are made in his workshop according to 18th century methods and recipes.

In his workshop in the pictoresque Bad Tölz near the german Alps he is focusing exclusively on the new making of violins, violas and cellos.

Michael SzyperMichael Szyper


Geigenbauatelier Dr. Michael Szyper
Michael Szyper

Botengasse 4
Bad Tölz